Road, Sidewalk and Drainage

The City of Baltimore is seeking to contract with a firm who will provide In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk "Stop" Signs on an as-needed basis. Any questions? Please use the Q&A feature in CitiBuy."Please see bid link for more information"

Baltimore County is seeking bids to establish a contract for on-call bituminous concrete paving services. The pre-bid meeting is mandatory to be considered for award and contractors must be pre-qualified in cateogry A-2 prior to award."Please see bid link for more information"

Prospective bidders/offerors who obtained this document from the university's website, e-Maryland Marketplace, or any source other than the procurement officer, should provide their names and email addresses to the issuing office by contacting (410) 704-2171, to ensure receipt of addenda and other communications regarding the solicitation. "Please see bid...

The Twin Lakes Multi-Modal Sidewalk Connections Project will add a 10-foot multi-modal sidewalk, bulb-outs, raised medians and walls from Spine Road to Idylwild Court in Gunbarrel"Please see bid link for more information"